Are you considering buying or selling in Los Cabos? If so, there are many reasons why you should hire a Licensed real estate advisor from Own in Cabo Real Estate to represent you. 

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Why Should you choose to use Los Cabos Real Estate Professional When Buying or Selling?

Buyers are one one side of the fence and Sellers are on the other side when it comes to most real estate transactions, and that is no different in Los Cabos. Each one is working to achieve the opposite of what the other wants to happen. The buyer wanting to get the lowest price and best terms for the property and the seller wanting top dollar and terms that best suit them. This being the case they both have the same goal and want the sale to happen. Both sides would benefit from hiring a real estate advisor to guide them, but their reasons are likely different.

For Sellers, Consider this if you are trying to sell your home on your own. We all want to get the most out of our home when selling it, you might think one way is to not pay commission but a 2017 study concluded that when people sold their homes on their own they left double what they would have paid in commissions on the table compared to properties sold by Licensed qualified agents. Why you may ask, 

1. The agent has extensive knowledge of the market, especially as it pertains to each individual area. 

2. Also they don’t have an emotional connection to the property. 

3. This puts them in a good place to handle negotiations as an intermediary without emotions driving the deal. 

4. They can connect you with a Tax strategist to help you save on capital gains. 

5. The fifth and main reason is that they are a professional, they handle transactions in Mexico on a daily basis and know which professionals to use to help with a smooth transaction. They have seen it all, and negotiated their way through it already. They know what to look out for, and how to ensure you their client is protected and represented to the fullest through the entire transaction. An experienced Advisor can help give you peace of mind and confidence that you are getting the right price whether buying or selling a home in Los Cabos.

A Professional Licensed agent lives and breathes real estate and knows the market and the the inventory available intimately. The market is Hot, and inventory sometimes does not make it to the MLS. When a great property does make it to the MLS the best agents are already sending it out to all potential clients. The Own in Cabo agents also have a network of other agents and a forum to find inventory before it hits the market and to find buyers before pictures are even finished.


A professional agent also knows the areas, they know how to get the most for your property and subsequently they know how to get you the best deal on a property you are interested in. They know primary homes, vacation homes and rental properties, they also know how to market specific properties to those niches.

We know the areas and the pro’s and con’s of each of them, when we don’t know something we are not afraid to tell you we don’t know. However we will find out the right answer rather than just telling you what we think you want to hear. We know when to ask questions and what questions to ask.  


At Own In Cabo we are marketing experts, If you search most terms that are specific to Cabo and Los Cabos Real Estate we have 3-5 ads on the first page of google, Our websites are optimized for a great user experience and we receive 40-80 leads per day interested in Los Cabos Properties. We spotlight and  target our listings and consistently our listings have gone pending faster than our competitors for several years.

We represent you, we hire top photographers, videographers and virtual tour experts. An online presence like ours is unmatchable, and we get buyers that make offers virtually on a consistent basis.

We help guide you through the process of buying or selling a home in Los Cabos, Our agents and broker have personally bought and sold over 80 properties in Los Cabos, that is personally purchased or sold properties here in Cabo and surrounding area. No other agency can match that, we know what it is like to own, purchase and sell here in Los Cabos. Not to mention the countless homes we have helped clients buy and sell. We can guide you the the process better than someone who has not been through this process. We have built our own homes, renovated and remodeled homes, and bought homes we had to do nothing to.


We listen to you and what you are looking for in a home purchase or sale, we work for you to get you the highest price if you are selling a home and the best price if you are buying a home..

A Top agent can be objective, if you are selling a home they can tell you which art or decor you should put away, and help you pick your battles. A home sale can be emotional and we can let emotions get in the way of a good deal, a top agent can help during those times. If you are buying a home sometimes a few thousand dollars can stand between you getting the home you want and losing it, a Own in Cabo agent can objectively talk you through it. Your agent acts as an intermediary, a sounding board and a friend who knows all things real estate. They have access to properties before they hit the market, as soon as they are on MLS and know of price reductions before they are updated usually.

All Own in Cabo Real Estate Advisors are licensed in the State of Baja California Sur and are also registered with the MLS BCS (Baja California Sur). Up until a few years ago, agents did not need a license to sell real estate in Baja California Sur. 


Contracts can be tricky, A licensed agent deals with contracts on a daily basis and knows when to ask for help from an attorney. They know how to help protect a buyer or seller with contingencies and proper documentation to protect all parties. Even if you have purchased or sold a home in a foreign country before, Things are constantly changing. Your Own in Cabo agent deals with these changes daily and is aware of everything from tax implications to changes in law. They can help with introducing you to someone who can help with a tax strategy and make sure the closing company you choose is able to perform on time. They will make sure you have a thorough understanding of what you are getting into regardless if you are buying or selling. 

Once you have hired us to Buy or sell a home, your agent will review all the documents and give them to our closing coordinator who will be far more familiar with all this paperwork than you are. Please Consider that if you are still considering selling yourself because you think you might save money: One mistake or omission in these documents that you are unfamiliar with could cost you as much as double that commission you were trying to avoid paying—or even far more. 

When you finally decide to make an offer on a home, the purchase contract helps to protect you and make sure that all conditions are met in the purchase contract. If these conditions are not met the offering agreement guarantees that you will get your money back from escrow.  These items can be inspection items, HOA documents not being approved, or seller not providing everything that they had agreed to.

In Mexico you might be purchasing from a National Spanish speaking seller, using our real estate company who has a certified translator on staff that can assist with a bilingual Offer to Purchase can help your offer stand out from others and make it easier and faster for buyer and seller to review the deal.

One of the most important aspects of the selling process is handling the negotiations between buyers and sellers. A great agent will be the intermediary and can keep emotions at bay when negotiating a deal, this will help get you the best possible price, negotiate any potential repairs and date of possession. By doing this and acting as a go-between it really helps to prevent any bad blood between buyer and seller,  which could of course potentially kill a deal. An agent does their best to represent your rights and concerns in tough situations and can help smooth things over to keep negotiations from getting too personal. This puts you in a better position to obtain your dream home!


When it comes to selling a home, commissions are always a major point of concern. At Own in Cabo we earn our commission before, during and after the sale. We represent the property in the highest potential. We help the Seller in preparation to get top dollar for the home, in negotiations and representation. 

While it doesn’t cost the buyer anything to use one of our licensed real estate Advisors, there is a difference in the Agency you work with, At Own in Cabo we care about our customers and work hard to create lasting relationships that go far beyond one real estate transaction. 


We don’t disappear after the sale. Along with your closing agent we are here to help with those things that come up after the sale, transferring utilities into your name, finding a property manager, and general day to day questions that may arise.

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