Things to Do and See in Cabo San Lucas

If you are looking for things to do in Cabo San Lucas, or even in the greater area of Los Cabos, there are a variety of sites that are just waiting to be explored and activities to enjoy. If you decide to come for a visit or even if you plan to move here, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice no matter where you look. This resort city has something for everyone, from scuba diving areas to natural landmarks like the world famous rock formation El Arco (also known as Land’s End), so be sure to take a look at just a small selection of this destination’s plethora of options before you set off.

What Are The Best Markets in Cabo?

While there are many different things to see and do, taking the time to visit one of the markets here could be well worth your time. A few great ones include:

Flora Farms

Located just past the Puerto Los Cabos Marina in San Jose, about 30 minutes away from Cabo, is Flora Farms – an incredible restaurant and organic market. This site has great food and a family-style dining atmosphere. There are also some weekly specials too, which you won’t want to miss out on.

San Jose Farmer’s Market

You can get all your groceries and have a nice outing at the San Jose Farmers Market. Running from 9 am to 3 pm every Saturday and just a half an hour drive from Cabo, this is a great place for any residents who want to make shopping a little more interesting

Pedregal’s farmer’s market

If you’re looking to get some local fresh produce, groceries, baked goods, and a chance to check out some of the artisans in the area who are selling their products, head over to the north gate of Pedregal. It’s only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm, so you’ll need to get there early.

Top 5 aquatic cruises and adventures

This city is fairly well known for its sea and marine life, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are quite a few things here that allow individuals to get closer to that natural beauty. A couple of excursions that you should consider are:

1: Whale watching with Cabo Expeditions

Want to meet some whales? Cabo Expeditions can help with that. Using fast and large vessels, you’ll be part of a tour where you’ll be able to travel from one pod of whales to another, seeing these majestic aquatic beasts up close and personal.

2: Explore the underwater world with Dive Cabo

Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced scuba diver, Dive Cabo is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to see the beauty of the sea. The marine life makes it a great spot for exploration below the depths, and on your journey you could come across a variety of stunning creatures.

3: Enjoy a sailing trip with Day Sail Cabo

Offering 2 trips per day (plus a light lunch and drinks), you’re likely to have a great time on this sailboat with Day Sail Cabo. Just being able to ride on a boat and relax as you take in the incredible sights is something that many people will want to do, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a ride.

4: Rest on the Rissalena with a Sunset Cruise

The Rissalena is an excellent choice for those who want to experience a cruise as the sun sets over the Cabo San Lucas horizon. Ready for voyage, this small 18 passenger catamaran offers a luxurious experience; complete with a bar, and a light dinner.

5: Find everything for your fishing needs with Cabo Luxury Yacht Charters for Sportfishing & Yachts

For many, the peace of mind of knowing that you have a team of captains and staff that you can trust when it comes to fishing and booking a boat is simply priceless. As the largest and most well-known fishing company located here in the city, they make sure to cater to a range of visitor’s needs. There is even a helpful fishing report on their website, so that you can check what kinds of fish are in season at any given time.

What else is there to see and do?

We’ve already mentioned 8 different things to do in Cabo San Lucas, but these fit into their own categories and there are many more different groups for you to look into. The area as a whole is a breathtaking paradise resort with so much on offer year-round that even those living here will always find something new and interesting to do. Whether you want to visit some incredible restaurants or relax by the beach, you’ll find that there’s never a dull moment to be had. It’s no surprise that this area is popular for people looking for a great vacation too, with all the amazing sightseeing options, attractions, and overall beauty of the resort. El Arco is one of the top landmarks in Mexico, and one of the most iconic sites in the world, which certainly gets the attention of many individuals across the globe. There’s plenty that you can do in the area around Land’s End too, including some of the activities we mentioned earlier. There are many great tours and guides in the area to help visitors to figure out what they want to do during their stay; whether that’s perusing historical locations, or enjoying a cruise. Not everything comes with a price, which is something that many individuals will enjoy. A few of the things that you should certainly consider doing here without having to spend any cash include:
  • Spending a day at one of the 19 great blue flag beaches that are located across Los Cabos
  • Snorkeling at the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park
  • Visit one of the great art galleries (of which there are many throughout San José del Cabo)
  • Explore some of the amazing towns across the city
  • Take in the beautiful views all around Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos
As you can see, there are several options – and those who are visiting for a vacation may not get a chance to see everything in one trip. In fact, even those who live here will take a while to explore all of the wonders in this breathtaking destination!

Landmarks you need to see in Cabo San Lucas

While it’s no secret that Mexico is a fantastic destination with so much to offer, it may be worthwhile to have a better understanding of just what is out there for you to enjoy should Cabo be the next hotspot on your holiday list. Bear in mind that there are many more options available to you just outside of the city too, but here are just a couple of sites and landmarks that shouldn’t go unnoticed:

El Arco

While we’ve already mentioned this site briefly, you might want to hear a little more about it. Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets to Sea of Cortez, it’s an absolutely amazing destination – which explains the sheer amount the tourist attention it sees. To top it all off, it can be quite easy and inexpensive to plan a trip to this part of Cabo, making it a worthwhile choice for many. Getting there by boat can be a fantastic idea; you could have a tour as you sail across the waters toward the rock formation, as well as passing by areas like Lover’s Beach and spots that are frequented by sea lions. From there, you can ask the captain to drop you off and pick you up later, giving you time to explore and take in the beauty of Land’s End.

Pasado Marina de Museo

With the fact that this whole area is a seaside community, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the ocean around it has had quite an impact on the lives of the people living here and an influence on the history and culture. If you’re interested in seeing what Cabo San Lucas was like in the past, it’s definitely worth paying a visit to the Pasadio Marina de Museo. This museum focuses on the fishing industry aspect of the area’s history. You can see a variety of exhibits, as well as specimens of sharks and a number of exotic sea creatures that have been preserved for visitors to gaze upon.

Cultural Pavilion of the Republic

This site, known as the Pabellón Cultural de la República in Spanish, was opened in 2011 – and it is certainly a popular site that is favored by tourists and locals alike. A variety of different events have been held here; from local school Christmas performances, to movie screenings (during the Baja International Film Festival). If you keep up to date on what’s being hosted and when, you’re bound to find that there will be an event that interests you.

Cactimundo botanical garden

This area is home to desert flora, namely some of Latin America’s most important species of cacti – many of which are now considered to be exclusive to the region. There are different species from across the globe too, making a wide variety of beauty for you to explore. The company Cactimundo is working to reproduce, promote, and conserve a variety of Mexico’s desert plants, plus species from other parts of the world, which has allowed them to protect and preserve a variety of cacti that were close to being extinct. With the mission to keep different species of desert life alive and flourishing, there’s a lot to love about this site.

What are the best places to visit for day trips in Cabo?

Closer to the Pacific side of Los Cabos are a variety of amazing little villages that you’ll want to check out, such as Pescadero and Migriño. Some of these locations are absolutely ideal for a small adventure, thanks to places you can trek and hike in, the beauty of a real oasis (which can be found in the desert town of Candelaria), and much more. Why not take a look at:

Todos Santos

This town is truly remarkable and an area that you are sure to want to pay a visit to regardless of where you are in Los Cabos. This destination has always been known as a place of interest, right from when it was first founded as a Mission in 1724. There are a variety of amazing historical buildings here, as well as a Cultural Center and Museum for those who want to learn a little more about this location’s fascinating past and traditions. With music and art festivals running throughout the year, restaurants that boast traditional cuisine as well as those with more adventurous menus, and stunning vistas for those who simply want to enjoy nature (the view of the Sierra Laguna mountains should not be missed!), a vacation here is well worth it.


While not exactly in Los Cabos, Loreto is a beautiful town on the eastern coast of the Baja Peninsula – making it very close, but also far enough away to be a tranquil location separate from the often-busier area of Cabo San Lucas. Offering a view into old Mexico, a number of incredible sites to see, and more, it’s not hard to see why the Mexican Secretary of Tourism calls it Pueblo Magico, meaning ‘Magical Town’. Many consider Loreto to be one of the most beautiful areas on the Sea of Cortez. This, alongside the fact that this area is famous for being an amazing sport fishing spot thanks to sea creatures like dorado, sailfish, and many more, makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the calm waters and refreshing seaside air.

Puerto Los Cabos

Another fantastic area that you’ll find along the Sea of Cortez is Puerto Los Cabos – which is quite different from Loreto in several ways. For one, Loreto is known for being historic and a more traditional Mexican town, where this area is a master-planned resort community, home to a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. This ranges from world-class golf courses to the absolutely breathtaking marina, and there is so much more in-between that you simply cannot overlook. The villas here are incredible too, which is just perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful location to rent or buy in.

Historical and cultural sites

While most people come here for the sea and aquatic activities, as well as the luxurious properties of course, there is also a lot of history for residents and visitors alike to delve into. No matter how far this area has developed, it hasn’t lost its past. There are still many villages and towns that hold true to the Mexican culture, while also having a variety of excellent landmarks for you to explore that can give you an insight on what life was like here many years ago.

Misión de San Jose del Cabo Añuiti

The Church of San Jose, as this site is known in English, is a beautiful landmark that has been frequently visited by English privateers and Spanish navigators for nearly 2 centuries. Today, it serves as a stunning religious site. Established in 1730 (and re-established in 1753 after the site had been moved to the beach in 1735), this stunning church was able to withstand a variety of different issues that had come during its erection, from flooding to epidemics, until it was eventually abandoned in 1840. The mission was rebuilt close to its original location 100 years later and is just beautiful; complete with a stunning façade on the front entrance, and a breathtaking interior.

Casa de la cultura

Located in downtown Cabo San Lucas, Casa de la cultura is a popular local landmark in the area. With distinctive colonial- style architecture, an iconic pink façade, and even the theatre inside; there’s a lot to love about this building. Established over 150 years ago, this site once housed resident Americans during the 19th century war between the US and Mexico. While today it’s only used for entertainment purposes, the past is something that will be remembered for many years to come.

El Faro Viejo & Museo

Locally, this site is commonly known as just El Faro Viejo, although the museum is certainly an important part of this site. The main attraction is the Old Lighthouse, which was built back in 1890. From the end of the decade to 1961, this lighthouse had been signaling ships – and while it’s not in use today, it’s a unique site that you simply can’t miss. Then there’s the Natural History Museum of Cabo San Lucas, which is home to a number of things that you’re going to want to see; from the recreation of a Pericue woman, to the archeological vestiges found in this area. There is a tour which takes you through all the different exhibits and ends with a visit to the lighthouse, exploring its history and giving you a chance to peruse the interior of this old landmark.

La Paz

While this area is the capital city of Baja California Sur and not one individual site or landmark, there is plenty of history and culture here for you to immerse yourself in. This area is commonly known for being an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving, but the history is something that you are certain to want to explore. The history of La Paz is closely linked to the sea, which isn’t surprising given the fact that it’s so close to the Sea of Cortes (which is also commonly known as the Gulf of California). The sea itself was named after Hernan Cortes, who led the conquistadors to conquer what was then the Aztec capital (and now Mexico City).

Los Cabos corridor; Why is it one of the best places to visit?

Those who are visiting for a vacation, or simply looking for a luxury villa to live in, should look at the Los Cabos Corridor. Also known as the Resort Corridor, this area is well known for its range of excellent hotels, attractions, and resort areas – some of the most notable of which include:

Waldorf Astoria

This resort, once known as The Resort at Pedregal, has a wide variety of things to see and do for those who come here; ranging from luxurious pools, to the absolutely magnificent private garden. This is an incredible area to live in, especially for those who are hoping to find entertainment and excitement at every corner, so taking the time to do a little research on the fantastic properties here is sure to be worthwhile for many.

Auberge Resorts

Esperanza is one of the several fantastic areas that is a part of the Auberge Resorts collection, although the beauty of this one is sure to grab your attention. You’ll find practically everything you could ask for here, with a wide variety of excellent homes (including rentals, as well as those for sale) and the beauty of the stunning location itself.

Rosewood Resort

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood resort, is another fantastic area that you might want to consider looking into. Located on the desert coastline of Los Cabos, you’ll find sun, sand, sea, and plenty of luxury all around. With stunning villas, a relaxing spa, and fine dining to name but a few features, it’s not surprising that this is such a popular area among tourists.

Best snorkeling spots in Cabo San Lucas

With the amazing waters here, it’s not surprising that snorkeling is one of the most common activities for residents and tourists alike. Thankfully for those who are hoping to get a chance to explore the underwater depths, there are quite a few places that are simply perfect for this.

Pelican Rock and Lover’s Beach

You can find this area near the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas (Land’s End), and while it can often be a fairly busy area due to boats and water taxis traveling across most days, it’s still one of the best snorkeling areas around. Of course, the busyness will vary depending on the time of year that you decide to travel, as it’s far more common for people to visit during peak times than they are off-season. Lover’s Beach, known as Playa de Amore in Spanish, is often a lot calmer than Pelican Rock, which makes it a more appealing choice for those who want a relaxed experience. You may even see some sea life and beautiful rock formations as you explore, which is an experience that you’re sure to carry with you for a lifetime.

Chileno Reef

While Playa Chileno, or Chileno Beach as it’s called in English, is an absolutely beautiful area, those who are hoping to snorkel might not find much unless they head about half a mile out to sea to the Chileno Reef. The incredible coral formations, clear waters, and the marine life (from starfish, to huge manta rays) are all here just waiting for you if you make the effort. While you’re here, you could also spend some time at Chileno Bay, which is located along the Golden Corridor. Santa Maria Cove isn’t too far away either, which is another excellent snorkeling destination, so it might be worth checking out both if you’re in the area.

Santa Maria Cove

Playa Santa Maria has quite a lot for its visitors to enjoy, like the crystal clear waters and a cove – which is the perfect area for an underwater snorkeling adventure. The water itself is sheltered by large rock formations, and you’ll find that you can see fish from 50 feet away! Take the time to enjoy a walk along the pebbly beach, or even spend a few hours just relaxing underneath the warm sun. Perhaps you might want to spend a day snorkeling here and watch the sunset from the shore – whatever you want to do, it’s certainly worth coming to Santa Maria Beach.

Cabo Pulmo

While this area is about a 2 hour trip away from Cabo, it’s a premier snorkeling destination that you won’t want to miss out on. Many people consider it to be one of the best shores in Los Abolitions for not just the hobby itself, but for so much more. If you go on a tour of the area, you’ll see all of the beauty that this stunning location has to offer; including the Sea Lion Colony and the reefs.

There are really no limits!!!!

This is the perfect place for a vacation for a wide variety of people, both in terms of tourism and for living if you’re hoping to relocate. Whether you enjoy a more relaxed way of life and want a holiday spent on the beach, or you’re more interested in having an adventure and obtaining amazing experiences that’ll last a lifetime (or anything in between), this is the ideal destination for you. There are so many things to do in Cabo San Lucas, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy them – you won’t be disappointed.
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