Querencia Cabo

Querencia “a private golf community”

Take a trip down the Californian peninsula to the tropical destination of San Jose del Cabo. Baja has plenty to offer you for a vacation destination and a luxury travel experience. San Jose del Cabo has it all, from beautiful beaches and rugged landscapes to Mexican culture and fine dining.

Escape from the city and live the lifestyle you deserve in San Jose del Cabo. This slice of heaven has some of the most impressive luxury real estate in the world, with a remarkable architecture, stunning views of the Pacific, and plenty of amenities around the area.

Finding the right real estate in San Jose del Cabo is a challenge. You need professional help from a team of local experts. Contact our offices now, and we’ll arrange an appointment to show you around this playground paradise.


Querencia – Your Home Away from Home

San Jose del Cabo is a destination for relaxation and fun. This piece of the Cabo coastline has tremendous real estate opportunities.

The luxury development of Querencia is your new home away from home. Querencia has some of the most impressive homes and estates in the district, with different styles and features across the entire development.

Querencia is a special location, with everything you need to live your best life in the local area. This piece of the Californian peninsula is truly a paradise away from the city’s hustle and bustle. With a Querencia estate, you get ownership of the jewel of Baja.

It would help if you had a professional that has a handle on the local market. At Own In Cabo, our team of experienced real estate consultants has their finger on the residential real estate market’s pulse. There’s not a deal in San Jose del Cabo that we don’t know about.

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Sun and Surf in the Paradise of Querencia

Querencia is a coastal paradise, with sandy beaches flanked by rugged terrain that makes for a spectacular view. The Tom Fazio Golf Club gives you a tee-time away from the sun and surf on the beach, with quiet, residential living around the local area.

Querencia is a stone throw away from local shopping. The town is a surfers paradise, with local point breaks attracting tourists from around the globe. Enjoy a yoga class at Surfers Paradise, or get a taste of home from Cabo Pizza.

Querencia is about sun, surf, and sand. Real estate opportunities in this unique estate don’t come very often, and our team at Own In Cabo has the best listings in Querencia. Let us unfold our portfolio, offering you the best in luxury real estate options in Querencia.


Capture the Essence of San Jose del Cabo at Querencia

Grab your snorkeling gear and head to Playa Palmilla. Enjoy some top-quality diving and snorkeling around some of the most biodiverse reefs in the world. Head north along the shore and you’ll get the legendary beach break of Costa Azul, also known as “Zippers.”

The San Jose estuary has plenty of wildlife, and it’s a great place to go for a picnic. When it’s time to head out to the store, San Jose del Cabo has some of Mexico’s best shopping. You’ll find all the creature comforts of home in the local area, from Starbucks to Walmart.

The San Jose historic District offers you a way to wind down after a hard day tanning on the beach. Enjoy a draught at the Baja Brewing Company, or head out to one of the districts many outstanding restaurants for a meal.

Querencia is one of the most sought-after residential developments in San Jose del Cabo. This estate has a bevy of luxury homes to suit the most flamboyant or conservative lifestyles. You get access to fine dining and a  fully-stocked wine cellar. Enjoy a day relaxing at the spa and fitness center, or take a class at the yoga pavilion.

Other amenities at Querencia include tennis and paddle courts. There’s plenty for the kids to do at the kids and teens club. You get access to premium concierge services, a business center with conference facilities, and a community pool.

The team at Own In Cabo knows every listing in Querencia. Contact our offices right now and book an appointment with one of your consultants. We’ll unpack the opportunities available to you.


Talk to Us About Luxury Living in Querencia San Jose del Cabo

Querencia is luxury living at its finest. At Own In Cabo, we have relationships with all the property owners in the estate. We have our eyes and ears on the ground for the best listings in Querencia. If you want to take your piece of this Pacific paradise, our team can help you find the perfect deal.

Our team of professional real estate consultants want to set you up in your slice of paradise on the Cabo coastline. Contact our offices today and speak to our friendly consultants. We’ll arrange a date to show you around the best real estate deals in Querencia.

With our expertise, you get the best listings and the best deal. Own In Cabo has dozens of listings available; contact us for assistance with finding your dream home away from home.