Puerto Los Cabos

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Take a break from the hustle of the city and remove yourself from responsibility. Take a trip down the Cabo Corridor along the southern tip of Baja, California. San Jose del Cabo has so much to offer visitors. Whether you’re staying for a few nights or putting down some roots, del Cabo gives you a lifestyle experience that’s the pinnacle of living in Mexico.

The real estate market in San Jose del Cabo is thriving. With this slice of paradise being a playground of luxury and natural beauty, it’s becoming a popular destination for celebrities and high net-worth players.

Puerto Los Cabos Real Estate Statistics
  • Homes for Sale
  • 16
  • Average Home Price
  • $1,104,244
  • Highest Home Price
  • $4,495,000
  • Lowest Home Price
  • $225,000

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Claim Your Piece of the San Jose del Cabo Coastline

San Jose del Cabo is a jewel of the Cabo coastline. This location has plenty of natural beauty, with glorious landscapes and natural wonders spread throughout the town.

Wake up in your coastal refuge and take in the spectacular sunrise over the water as you watch the waves roll into Costa Azul. With the Pacific lapping at your doorstep, take a swim in the ocean, or do a few laps in the infinity pool before settling down for breakfast on your patio.

Puerto Los Cabos offers you your piece of paradise. Nestled in the San Jose del Cabo district, Baja has breathtaking views of the Pacific and coastline.

Get the Creature Comforts of Home on Your Doorstep

San Jose del Cabo might seem like it’s far from home. However, local shopping and amenities have everything you need to enjoy your stay. From cocktails at one of the many luxury hotels on the shoreline to fine dining at one of the many local restaurants, San Jose del Cabo has it all.

Puerto Los Cabos is one of the pinnacle property developments in the area, with outstanding value on offer. This resort town has everything you need to enjoy some time away from your busy lifestyle. Relax and unwind in the comfort and bliss of your slice of paradise on the Baja Peninsula.

Puerto Los Cabos is a luxury development offering you the best of high-end real estate in San Jose del Cabo. Relax in your estate, or on the beach and catch some sun. Puerto Los Cabos has limited real estate opportunities for serious buyers that understand the value of investment property.

Embrace the local Culture and Cuisine

Have a bite to eat at the legendary Rock & Brews Los Cabos, or make an appointment for high tea at the Hyatt. San Jose del Cabo. There’s so much to do and see in San Jose del Cabo. From your residence in Puerto Los Cabos, take a trip into town. Get to know your new surroundings and mingle with the local business owners and residents.

Do you enjoy a game of golf? Pack your clubs and head to Club Campestre San Jose for a tee-time. San Jose del Cabo offers you a lifestyle only a few can dream about.

Make your dreams a reality and invest in this slice of paradise on the Cabo coastline. With limited real estate opportunities across Puerto Los Cabos, you need a real estate executive who knows how to find the best deals for you.

So Much to Do and Some Many Places to Visit

The friendly Cabo locals are always smiling, and you get a sense of harmony in the air. Marvel at the colonial buildings and architecture, and wander through the historic district. Take a day picnic at the San Jose Estuary nature reserve, and enjoy some birdwatching.

The town has plenty of restaurants and high-end shopping. Enjoy the food, and head to the beach for some afternoon sun on Costa Azul. Catch a show with the Cabo Dolphins, and head back to your estate of a relaxing evening.

Finding the right real estate in San Jose del Cabo is vital to enjoying your experience in this paradise location. Puerto Los Cabos offers luxury living, with outstanding value. With San Jose del Cabo seeing floods of interest in the real estate market, prices will skyrocket.

Speak to the Experts in Puerto Los Cabos Real Estate

Puerto Los Cabos is a Pacific dream you deserve. However, navigating the complexities of the local real estate market can be frustrating. It would help if you had professionals you can trust to show you around. Own In Cabo Real Estate offers you a professional service. We’ll find you your new home away from home.

We have our finger on the pulse of the local real estate market. We’ll find you a deal that meets your budget and your lifestyle. With us, you get personalized service and instant insight into the local real estate market. 

We aim to bring you the best real estate opportunities in Cabo. Contact us for more information on Puerto Los Cabos real estate. We’ll walk you through our portfolio to find the ideal piece of paradise for you.