The Ventanas Residences is inland of the Cabo Corridor, a few minutes away from downtown Cabo and the nearby beaches. Ventanas is also conveniently located by several shops and supermarkets. Ventanas Cabo for sale consists of three phases, with each phase having a unique look and feel to it. The homes and condos in the phases come with amenities, including a gym, spa, pool, clubhouse, kids play area, tennis court, and more. The community is gated and has complete 24/7 security. Residents in the area can enjoy some beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, the Cabo Bay, and Land’s End.


Ventanas Phase 1 Amenities

The first phase of Ventanas Cabo for sale started in 2007. This phase features around 100 homes and 20 condos for sale.


  • Pool

Residents in Phase 1 can have a nice relaxing swim whenever they want without having to hit the beach. The swimming pool in this phase is the perfect place for a swim or to lounge the day away.


  • Hot Tub

The Phase 1 hot tub is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day. The soothing heat of the water will wash all your troubles and worries away.


  • Play Area

This play area is a great place to keep your kids occupied outdoors. The play area also gives you a chance to meet with the other families that share Phase 1 with you.


  • Fire Pit

There’s nothing quite like relaxing around a fire pit with friends and family. It’s just as relaxing to sit by yourself and process the day. The flickering flames are the perfect companion for introverts and extroverts alike.


  • Local Store

Phase 1 is home to a local store where you can grab quick meals, snacks, and necessities. Hitting the local store is much better than having to go all the way to the supermarket for something small.


  • Fitness Area

If you want to keep fit, then the Phase 1 fitness center will be your home away from home. Boost your cardio and strength without having to leave the communal area.


  • Dog Run

Your dogs are sure to love the dog run. This dog run adds some spice to walks and lets dog owners meet with other dog areas in the area – while also allowing their dogs to meet local dogs too.


Ventanas Phase 2 Amenities

Phase 2 Ventanas Cabo for sale has around 75 homes and 50 condos for residents.


  • Pool and Hot Tub

Phase 2 offers two pools and a hot tub. There is one pool for adults and another for families. The pools let you get into the water without having to go down to the beach.


  • Bar and Restaurant

The Ventanas Phase 2 bar and restaurant offers residents the chance to enjoy a meal and meet other people in the community.


  • Spa

There’s nothing like relaxing in paradise, which is what you get from the spa in Phase 2. Relax and unwind without having to venture too far away from home.


  • Store

Much like Phase 1, Phase 2 has a simple store where residents can pick up essential groceries, snacks, toiletries, and everyday goods.


  • Fitness Area

Phase 2 residents can stay fit and healthy with some help from the fitness area. The equipment on offer is great for general workouts or dedicated strength/cardio exercises.


  • Play Area

Parents can take their children to the play area for some outdoor fun by themselves or with other children in the community. The play area offers parents a chance to connect and catch up with one another as well.


Ventanas Phase 3 Amenities

Phase 3 of the Ventanas Cabo for sale includes 60 homes and 75 condos. There is also a Phase 3B with 40 homes. Phase 3B will have over 100 condos when it is fully completed.


  • Family Pool

The family pool of Phase 3 is an excellent way for families in the area to cool off and relax in a convenient and open place.


  • Adult Roof-Top Pool

The roof-top pool of Phase 3 is made for adults to mingle, swim, and take in the breathtaking surrounding views from high up.


  • Bar and Restaurant

The local bar and restaurant give residents a convenient place to relax and unwind with delicious food and refreshing drinks, including local cocktails.


  • Game/Play Room

The game/playroom for Phase 3 offers parents and children a great way to have fun and stay entertained and engaged.


  • Fitness Area

Phase 3 has a fitness area like the other phases. The equipment in the fitness area is all you need to get in shape and stay healthy, whether you are a full-time resident or visiting Cabo for a vacation.


  • Meeting Room

The meeting room of Phase 3 is a professional setting for residents to hold business meetings and connect to other professionals in-person and remotely.


  • Tennis Court

The tennis court is in Phase 3B, and it is excellent for anyone who wants to play singles or doubles tennis. The Ventanas Cabo for sale is one of the few places that has a tennis court on-site.


Find Ventanas Cabo for Sale

No matter which phase you live in, you are guaranteed incredible views and a beautiful place to live. Check some Ventanas Cabo for sale listings and find you