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Condos for sale in Cabo

There are many options to choose from, maybe you would like to purchase In a serene location edged by the Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Villa La Estancia is a beautiful neighborhood with awe-inspiring natural views. This stretch of the Mexican desert coalesced with the idyllic sea, scattered beach houses and you have this breathtaking resort.

Nothing beats the unique view of the Sea of Cortez as the silhouette of the ember sun sinks into it every evening. Beyond the lovely and breathtaking atmosphere of Villa La Estancia lies an assortment of edifices that breathes class!

Owning a condo in Los Cabos is literally having a home away from home. Let your experience in one of these exclusive communities leave charming moments in your memories.

A typical large community might feature a well-patterned arrangement of grand structures with hacienda-style suites complemented by a full resort amenities and top notch service to bring comfort and joy to your stay.

Residential & Vacation Condos in Mexico

A quiet and delightful retirement plan to enjoy the best nature has to offer amidst the modern conveniences.

Holidays and vacation are meant to be memorable, and there is no better way to spend holidays than at a place that feels as comfortable as your home. We can help you find the perfect resort that offers 5-star services to visitors renting its luxurious units. The plethora of amenities provided quiet even the biggest critics. The Communities make everything from food, access to the internet, laundry, housekeeping, and paying your electricity bill as simple as a phone call. Always catering to the homeowners so they can live the best life without moving a muscle. It’s the culture of a stress-free experience that has kept the resort communities appreciating in value and demand high. As such, all visitors enjoy a comfortable stay.

Exclusive first-class Spa

If not on site there are many options within walking distance of most communities.  Relieve stress at the professional hands of masseurs offering excellent massage sessions coupled with cold pressure shower, steam rooms, and regulated pools. 

Most Spa’s have an array of treatment rooms alongside private Vip sections to relish a calming time in a jacuzzi and a sauna.

 World-class beauty salon

Some developments even feature A world unisex salon located within the property that provides top-notch salon services. The professionals are great, and the customer service is nothing short of excellent.

Cuisine and private chefs

Food is an art to every chef in Los Cabos. As such, all intercontinental cuisines are made with perfection to make every bite mesmerizing.

Private chefs are available on request to deliver single meals or full-time culinary services. These professional chefs have garnered experience over the years and are ready to make any meal your imaginative mind conceives.

Golf Courses

With several top 100 Courses nearby, getting a tee time is easy. These Golf courses are fully equipped facilities to make golf lovers enjoy every bit of time spent there.

Swimming pools

A luxury development is sure to have a couple of enchanting swimming pools of diverse sizes and designs. Some with extensive areas that are laced with waterfalls and grottos that add to the all-around glamour of the community. 

Luxury Homes

There are many developments that not only have Condo’s but luxurious and lavishly furnished detached structures located right on the sea, and Penthouse suites with balconies overlooking the glorious views of the crashing oceans.  And from the elevated and breathtaking penthouse, look down and admire every detail contributing to the immense beauty of this paradise and enjoy your ownership for years to come and your families future.

Enjoy private balconies overlooking the sea, and also giving a magical view of the sky every night.


A vacation is a simple way to describe a stress-free and enjoyable time. Getting around is easy as there are friendly taxi drivers and Uber is also available. The Concierge is eager to tend to the needs of every resident.  They pay attention to the details and are bent on, making your stay comfortable beyond expectation. 


Away from the noise is all-time access to many flourishing gardens with enormous species of plants and exotic flowers. The gardens are a perfect spot for mediation, reading, relaxation, and romantic dinners. 

Hotels and views

Every unit has a unique view of the ocean. Some units have a broad and all-encompassing oceanfront view. At the same time, it’s an infinity ocean view as for some and a premium view for others.

Housing system

The arrangement of the housing system in these luxurious and five-star communities allow for rental, fractional ownership, and a full purchase of well built and fully equipped condo’s and detached houses.

For Full time or short-time visitors, the five star and word-class communities have stunning and impressive suites with around the clock service.

The nightlife

The views are enlivening, the services unmatched, but the exhilarating nightlife is enchanting—the bars are with premium top quality liquors, romantic restaurants, and animated dance floors.

Property Management

Property owners in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo have easy access to onsite or offsite property management services. With this, their homes can remain in perfect condition and ready to use impromptu. The management services cover for both exterior and interior facilities.

 Visitors on long-term holiday can as well benefit from the constant room cleaning services of rented homes.  This is all in a bid to ensure a stress and intact Paradisic condition of the lush greens and landscape.

Visit Cabo San Lucas today and experience paradise on earth!

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