Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe

Since the tourism industry contributes significantly to the local economy, the local government has spent a lot of time, money, and effort ensuring that Los Cabos is safe and that there are no travel advisories for the area. Los Cabos Tourism prioritizes your safety in Cabo San Lucas, so if anything happens, your resort and the appropriate authorities will assist you in solving any issues and providing any information you may need on safety in Mexico. So, Cabos is it safe? Yes, but assuming there are never any small crimes would not be prudent. You’ll feel the safest in Cabo San Lucas near your resort’s property and in other touristic areas due to the crime in other parts of the state. Any of your walks or outings are quite unlikely to take you somewhere unsafe. Use caution and refrain from flashing big amounts of cash or wearing extravagant jewelry as you explore the city. You can keep these things, along with crucial travel documents, in your hotel safe. Stay with a group and avoid wandering off on your own if you’re going out at night, especially if you’re a woman.

Even though Mexico is a secure country, you should always take precautions when traveling, including to Los Cabos. In a vacation city like Cabo San Lucas, you are more likely to have your valuables stolen while in a touristy area during the day than to be killed by an organized crime group. The most crucial thing to keep in mind when visiting Los Cabos is that as long as you adhere to a few basic norms of conduct, Mexico is generally secure. If you don’t look for problems, Cabo San Lucas is safe, I always tell my clients when they ask me. Do not purchase drugs in a foreign country and then try to claim victimhood when something unpleasant occurs.

If you can’t spend the weekend traveling without smoking marijuana, you probably shouldn’t be traveling and should instead check yourself into rehabilitation. Most of the deaths of American tourists in Mexico are the result of their purchasing drugs from the cartel because they were terrified to fly while high and someone believed it would be a good idea to purchase narcotics abroad.

There is a lot of inaccurate information out there, but the short answer is that you do have the same rights to own property in Mexico as a citizen, including the ability to buy, sell, rent, and hold it. 

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