the difference between for sale and sold

The common understanding of “For sale” and “sold” are terms commonly used in real estate to describe the status of a property. The difference between them lies in whether the property is currently available for purchase or if it has already been purchased.

However, what we are talking about is more the difference in how some agents take a listing, put it on the MLS and wait for it to sell, and then there are the agents like those at Own In Cabo Real Estate who proactively research the “comps”, reach out to our network of top agents here is Los Cabos and let them know we have a listing coming to market, utilize cutting edge technology to let our huge database of buyers know that your property is new and available, and so many more that i can’t share that are part of our secret sauce to sell properties faster than other brokerages.

For Sale: When a property is listed as “for sale,” it means that it is currently available on the market and the owner is actively seeking a buyer. The average listing time in Los Cabos was over 1 year from listing the property to pending it. To start off, The property is being advertised and potential buyers can inquire about its details, schedule viewings, and make offers. In the context of Los Cabos real estate, “for sale” indicates that the property is still on the market and hasn’t been purchased yet.

Sold: When a property is listed as “sold,” it means that the property has already been purchased by a buyer. The sale process has been completed, and ownership of the property has transferred from the seller to the buyer. A property is marked as “sold” when all necessary legal and financial transactions have been finalized however there may be delays in the recording due to Baja California’s long lead times. In the context of Los Cabos real estate, a “sold” property indicates that it is no longer available for purchase.

In summary, When hiring an agent to list your home, make sure they know the key difference between “for sale” and “sold” in Los Cabos real estate is how you market the property, is it priced right and is it in demand. Just listing a property “For sale” means the property is available and actively being marketed for potential buyers to purchase it, while “sold” means the property has been successfully sold and is no longer available for purchase.

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